Patients may not have to finish antibiotic course, says study

by Jcasp |July 28, 2017


Experts say patients should stop taking antibiotics when they feel better, not when the course finishes. Telling patients to stop taking antibiotics when they feel better may be a preferable instruction, according to a group of experts who argue that the rule is wrong and should be overturned. Patients have been told that they must […]

Without action on antibiotics, medicine will return to the dark ages

by Jcasp |June 02, 2017

Continued overprescribing and abuse could lead to more people dying of resistant infections than cancer. Only global cooperation can solve the problem. Four years ago Professor Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, published ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, this gave the world a sombre warning of the growing threat posed by bacteria evolving resistance to life-saving […]