Brown & Burk UK Ltd (BBUK) was incorporated as an independent generic pharmaceutical company in the year 2000. We are one of very few Generic Pharmaceutical companies committed to investment in research with the sole intention of providing quality and affordable healthcare across the world.

With strategic alliances in place with large pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, research based organisations and various healthcare professionals, BBUK has grown from strength to strength over the last decade.

BBUK is committed to be a fully integrated and preferred generic pharmaceutical partner to healthcare practitioners in the UK. The aim of BBUK is to bring pharmaceutical products from the manufacturer to the patient in the most efficient way and attain highest customer service level.

BBUK believes that the supply of medicine is vital to society and we constantly work towards managing our supply chain with efficiency and agility.

BB UK has more than 100 product licences in 6 European countries. We supply a wide range of prescription and OTC Products under our own Label and ensure these are widely available through approved Wholesale Dealers.

We seek to continuously expand our range of products so that we able to meet the needs of our community and hospital pharmacies.