Slavery Statement

by admin | January , 2024

Brown & Burk UK limited is a UK based Generic Pharmaceutical company incorporated as an independent company in the year 2000. We engage in the manufacturing, marketing and Distribution of generic medicinal product around the UK and Europe.

As an established company Brown & Burk has zero tolerance policy toward slavery in all its forms. We are committed to ensure to the best of our capabilities that NO slavery exists in any part of our business or that of our supply chain.

Our supply chain includes the procurement, testing and distribution of the finished goods pharmaceutical products.

We have introduced and set out a verification process as an expectation for any future suppliers coming on board with our business. These prospects are introduced by Brown & Burk as requirements from the start. Our level of Anti-Slavery commitment will have to be reciprocated from our suppliers as we as company exercise. Suppliers are obliged to confirm their commitment to abide by the provision of the modern Slavery Act and have not engaged in any form of slavery prior to starting a business with Brown & Burk UK limited. Our Anti-Slavery policy will be accessible to all our suppliers and they are excepted to abide by this policy.

Our commitment towards ethical values are constantly being reviewed and revised as our primary objectives are to continue with our commitment and to expand our knowledge on this matter.

This statement has been reviewed by the senior management of Brown & Burk UK Limited and has been approved and signed by Managing Director of Brown & Burk UK Limited.

Managing Director

Preetham Sharma Hiremat

Slavery Statement

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