Pharmacy Voice to cease operations end of April 2017

by Jcasp | March , 2017

Pharmacy Voice to cease operations end of April 2017. The NPA gave notice in December 2016, to leave Pharmacy Voice at the end of 2017. This triggered a clause in Pharmacy Voice’s governing documents which prevents the organisation continuing without all three of its founding members. As a result, the Pharmacy Voice Board has since been making plans for its closure, and the transfer of its representative activities back to its constituent member associations.

Today, they have confirmed that these processes will be complete by the end of March, and the Pharmacy Voice office will close at the end of April. Subject to legal requirements and timings, the organisation will be formally wound-up over the Summer.

The NPA is one of the three founding partners of Pharmacy Voice, alongside the Company Chemists Association and the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies.

Pharmacy Voice has helped to bring the sector together on a range of issues that require a cross-sector approach, for example EPS and patient safety. It has also given us, in the form of the Community Pharmacy Five Year Forward view, a useful blueprint for the future development of the sector.

Along with colleagues at the CCA and AIMp, the NPA recognises the need to fulfil outstanding projects and intends to embed a positive legacy from Pharmacy Voice.

The NPA will continue to work together with partners across the sector wherever possible, but will not shy away from articulating the particular needs and aspirations of the independent sector including independent multiples.


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