Pharmacy Voice to cease operations end of April 2017

by Jcasp | March 21, 2017

Pharmacy Voice to cease operations end of April 2017. The NPA gave notice in December 2016, to leave Pharmacy Voice at the end of 2017. This triggered a clause in Pharmacy Voice’s governing documents which prevents the organisation continuing without all three of its founding members. As a result, the Pharmacy Voice Board has since […]

NHS patients could face delays accessing life saving drugs.

by Jcasp | March 16, 2017

New rules mean health bosses in England can delay roll-out of expensive treatments after approval by NICE. NICE has imposed a £20m-a-year cap on the cost of new drugs, to be introduced in the NHS in a move to ease some of the financial pressure it’s under. The new measure will be introduced next month, […]

Rationing of NHS services ‘leaving patients in pain and distress’

by Jcasp | March 14, 2017

The King’s Fund Report says Rationing of NHS services ‘leaving patients in pain and distress’. The rationing of NHS services: The enforced rationing of overstretched NHS services is leaving patients in pain and distress, a new report has said. A combination of financial strain, staff shortages and unprecedented demand has led to shortfallings in care […]

The risks behind buying medicines online

by Jcasp | March 04, 2017

Warnings have been given regarding purchasing medications on the internet after an investigation found “widespread failings” with some online providers, according to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The watchdog inspected 11 internet prescription services in England, finding some “potentially presenting a significant risk to patients”. Risks buying medicines online: The regulator said while some providers […]